​We are an all-breed, all volunteer, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on the rescue of dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans. We primarily receive dogs from rural animal control facilities, as well as providing services to the Indigenous American communities which are typically without options for dealing with unwanted dogs. 

Located on private property in Churchill County, NV, we have very low overhead costs. This enables us to put the majority of all donations received directly toward caring for rescued dogs. Through our process of rescue, rehabilitate, and rehoming, we are able to make a positive contribution to our community and improve the lives of formerly unwanted dogs.

​We depend upon the generosity of our fellow animal lovers, as well as the occasional grant award, to keep moving forward in our continuous efforts to save lives through a combination of adoption and spay/neuter services. 
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Dog Town Canine Rescue
PO Box 2978, Carson City, NV 89702
(775) 230-3703
Non-profit tax ID # 05-0587246
Each year, Dog Town takes in an average of 55 unwanted dogs and puppies from the Walker River Reservation. Due to a lack of resources, residents are left with no means of dealing with the overpopulation problem.

Dog Town has instituted a spay/neuter program for tribal members, to help bring down the population of unwanted dogs. Your donation will help us continue to save lives through spaying and neutering, and provide a better life for these dogs. 

As of 12/01/16 (9 months into our program) Dog Town has provided 38 spays and 19 neuters for dogs on the Walker River and Stillwater Reservations.
Update on Sasha - 12/2016
Sasha is doing great, thanks to his physical therapist, Beth Williams at K9 Wellness Center in Reno, NV!

We have some simple exercises for him to do, and he is now ready to adopt. He may have some arthritis as he grows up, so glucosamine supplements are going to be a must.

He can tolerate moderate activity, like walks, but he's never going to be a hiker or jogging partner.

Sash is about a year old, is housebroken and leash trained. He is still very much a puppy, though, so lots of energy and a bit of mischief can be expected.
Sasha doing his "dog-ilates" on our reconfigured Pilates reformer for dogs
Best...job....ever...... playing tug with my new friend Sasha to help strengthen his back legs and redirect his "mouthiness"
K9 Wellness Center provides animal physical therapy and rehabilitation services to canines, felines, and equines, upon veterinarian referral.

They also provide fitness training & performance conditioning, (indoor pool or hot tub swimming, stretching exercise, and treadmill training) for healthy dogs that are training and/or competing in agility, conformation, field trials, flyball, obedience, etc., or dogs that just need some extra exercise.